Professor David Heald

About Myself

Professor David HealdI am Professor of Public Sector Accounting at the Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow. My research interests focus on: public sector accounting reform; public expenditure management and control; public audit; public sector corporate governance; and financing devolved governments. In these areas, I also have extensive policy involvement. In October 2014 I was awarded Fellowship of the Academy of Social Sciences and, in March 2016, Fellowship of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. I have edited two books in the Proceedings of the British Academy series: Transparency: The Key to Better Governance? (2006) with Christopher Hood (All Souls College, Oxford) on the relevance of 'transparency' to public policy; and When the Party's Over: The Politics of Fiscal Squeeze in Perspective (2014) with Christopher Hood and Rozana Himaz (Oxford Brookes University). I am currently writing up the results of a Leverhulme Trust project on 'The architecture, governance and substance of UK public audit'. I am also writing papers flowing from my earlier Royal Society of Edinburgh project on 'Improving the quality of public expenditure'. With Tom Mullen (Glasgow) and Gordon Marnoch (Ulster), I am currently directing an ESRC-funded project on 'Communicating Brexit's Impact on the Law, Governance and Public Finances of the UK Devolved Nations and the Republic of Ireland'. The project website can be found here.