Professor David Heald

Media Coverage of Research

  • When David Heald gave oral evidence to the Treasury Committee on PF2 (the relaunched Private Finance Initiative) on 5 March 2013, he was asked how the public sector could match the private sector's negotiating skills. On 6 March, the Herald reported his response under the heading UK Government urged to rethink public sector wage cap
  • There is a huge controversy about the accounting treatment of projects under the Private Finance Initiative. The scheduled 2008/09 adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards for UK central government raises the question of whether more PFI assets will be brought on the UK public sector balance sheet. David Heald was quoted in a Financial Times article on 27 July 2007
  • David Heald contributed an article 'Let's have less bias and better analysis' to a Special Report on Public Private Partnerships, The Observer 28 April 2002.

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